Q What time do you open?

A We are open Monday to Friday 7.30am until 5pm all day. We also open on Saturday mornings 8am until 12.

Q Do you offer accounts?

A We do, both trade accounts with terms of 30 days to pay or Cash accounts pay as you go, both receive discounted rates and free delivery

Q Do you offer cash on delivery?

A I am afraid we do not offer cash on delivery however you can pay over the phone by card.

Q Do you accept credit cards?

A We accept all credit cards with the exception of American Express. However,  an additional 2.5% charge will be applied, debit cards no charge is applied.

Q Do you charge for delivery?

A Not for account customers, we will apply a charge based on radial mile from our depot. Free delivery in Acle. Please see our delivery page for more detailed information

Q What size is your lorry?

A We have a large crane lorry this measures 8ft width but needs another 6ft for the leg. Our transit tipper is 7ft 10 wide.

Q How far will the crane reach?

A 8m maximum but will depend on the weight of what needs offloading

Q Do you offer timed deliveries?

A We would like to but we are at the mercy of what happens on the roads therefore we would prefer to advise an a.m. or p.m

Q Will you carry goods around the back?

A Our drivers are expected to offload from the roadside where it is safe to do so. We pride ourselves on customer service though and providing we have time we help where we can.

Q Do you offer a wood cutting service?

A We do not have any machinery to assist with this only a saw.

Q Can you brick match to my property?

A With our extensive knowledgeable staff with many years in the trade we are confident we can help you.