Agriculture Smallholding Supplies

Here at Rhino, we have recently introduced a new range of products available to purchase in-store.

Our new range is focussed around agricultural and smallholding supplies. With the majority of Norfolk being Farmland, and its importance and popularity ever increasing, we thought it would only be right to start supplying relevant products.

Whether farming is your trade, or you simply enjoy livestock as a hobby, our range of products is bound to impress, as well as aid you.

Our new range includes:

• Chicken Coops
• Wheelbarrows
• Fencing-Metal/Nylon – Chain Link Fencing
• Mdpe Pipe/fittings
• Outside taps
• Water butts
• Scoops
• Plastics stakes
• Pig Troughs and Shelters
• Farm Gates
• Rat Traps
• Tubtrugs
• Pig Arks
• Oil Tanks



Agriculture Smallholding Supplies | Rhino Building & DIY Supplies Ltd